Activities at Xenses Insomnia

Xenses Insomnia: when the sun sets, the magic awakens

Enter the surreal world of Xenses Insomnia, where the night brings more than 50 fantastic scenarios to life, and your imagination and senses will be pushed to the limit. Wrap yourself in a nighttime atmosphere and fun that awakens your creativity through sensory experiences for the whole family.

Pinwheel | Xenses Activities


The Pinwheel is where the magic of Xenses Insomnia begins and leads to the two circuits that will surprise you with their fantastic and surreal scenarios. Here, you will start to daydream as you cross a labyrinth of mirrors; your senses will be sharpened by the play of lights synchronized with the music.

Also, you will find the Giftery, a store with unique souvenirs, and the Xnack, with delicious and original snacks to satisfy that night's appetite.

Path of Feeling

Enjoy a spectacular night with activities that will test your sense of sight, and you will not believe that what you are living is a dream or reality.

Way of Dwarfs and Giants | Xenses Activities

Way of Dwarfs and Giants

Get ready to doubt your perception on this path where, going through houses, windows, and doors, you will feel like a giant, and on your way back, you will feel tiny in front of frames, chairs, and other objects. It is a journey that is undoubtedly as peculiar as it is fun.

Xensatorium | Xenses Activities


A unique sensory experience that takes you on a journey in total darkness through a cave where you will find different ecosystems that you will perceive without using your sight; your sense of smell, hearing, and touch will discover the sea, jungle, forest, grasslands, mountains, and caves. You will experience a new way of perceiving the world.

Labyrinth of Underground Arteries | Xenses Activities

Labyrinth of Underground Arteries

After sharpening your senses in the Xensatorium, you will pass through a path of caves and caverns that will surprise you with their rock formations, and you will be able to admire the small and beautiful cenotes, so typical of the region.

El Edén | Xenses Insomnia Activities

The Eden

This is the ideal place to connect your senses with nature, sharpen your eyesight to observe the nocturnal figures of the jungle among fish, macaws, and flamingos, admire the water falling from a waterfall into a small lake, and allow yourself to reconnect with yourself.

Xitric Garden | Xenses Activities

Xitric Garden

At night, the jungle gives us a surreal setting, where your sense of smell and taste are enhanced to enjoy the aroma and citrus flavor of the trees surrounding Xenses Insomnia, the only place where you can taste a delicious neon-colored lemonade straight from a tree. A refreshing taste like no other.

Path of Doing

At Xenses Insomnia, you will doubt your perception of reality in the nocturnal scenarios that seem to be taken from the craziest dreams.

The Heartbeat | Xenses Insomnia Activities

The Heartbeat

Pay attention to the beating of this enormous heart, where you can take some original photos, and it will guide you to the Path of Doing.

Town | Xenses Insomnia Activities


Have fun at dusk going through an illuminated town where you won't know if you're going up or down. Try to keep your balance while you discover the magic inside the houses. Pass by a waterfall and where the flow of water defies the law of gravity. Observe the cornices, hotels, stores, canteens, and the funny messages on them.

Slip | Actividades de Xenses Insomnia

The Slip

Slide between lights and shadows through a slide that will take you to a natural pool. Enjoy an exciting descent that you will only find in Xenses Insomnia.

Bird Flight | Actividades de Xenses Insomnia

Owl Flight

Fly through the jungle's darkness among fireflies and sparkles like you never imagined! Enjoy a horizontal flight on a unique and different zip line, free yourself, and enjoy the ride! It's the trip you've always hoped for.

Riverlaxing | Actividades de Xenses Insomnia


Defy gravity and let yourself go in this river of special salts that will make you float and relax while you connect with your inner self—the perfect activity for a night out of the ordinary.

Sludgerie | Xenses Insomnia Activities


Pamper your skin and make the most of your sense of touch as you travel through a river of mud covering you from head to toe; perfect for exfoliating, a renewing experience, and a feast for your senses!

Fantastic Scenarios

At Xenses Insomnia, the night transports us to a surreal world with optical illusions and visual effects that will awaken our imaginations. Surprise yourself with the Mirror Labyrinth, Turrell, Heartbeat, Kaleidoscopes, Tunnel of Hearts, Besucona, Upside Down House, Vortex, and Marblelous.

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