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A surreal world that comes to life at night

At nightfall, the jungle gives us an enigmatic and vibrant environment, and in Xenses Insomnia, the reality is mixed with imagination in a journey through the senses.

This fun experience is ideal for spending a different night with your family, where everyone will be surprised by the scenery, colors, aromas, and sounds surrounding the park. In addition to capturing the most original photos, you will travel two paths with out-of-the-ordinary activities.

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Two paths to challenge your senses

Xenses Insomnia is divided into two paths. The first is the Path of Feeling, which will take you through a Way of Dwarfs and Giants, where you will doubt your perception. Get ready to discover a variety of ecosystems in total darkness.

Here, your sense of sight will not be the lead, and you will have to rely on your touch, hearing, and smell to cross this mysterious cave in the Xensatorium. In the Path of Doing, you will travel through a peculiar town where gravity is put to the test; you will experience an exciting zip line in the Owl's Flight and slide down a slip; this and more await you in an unforgettable night.

Fantastic and surreal scenarios

More than 50 fantastic scenarios await you at Xenses Insomia in an extraordinary sensory experience. At nightfall, the park awakens you to a world full of sensations as if you were in a dream. You will take the best photos among colored lights, a labyrinth of mirrors, optical illusions, and much more. The most original park in the Riviera Maya has it all for you to live a spectacular night.