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Let yourself be surprised by a park where you will test your senses and nothing is what it seems! With the Xenses Photo Pass, you will have the best photographs of your visit, since we have installed professional cameras that you can activate when you are ready and have excellent angles of the attractions and Fantastic Scenarios of the park.

Surprising photos of Xenses

At Xenses, we play with perspective, creating out-of-the-box scenarios, and place a camera at a strategic point to take a surprising photo. Make the most of your visit with the Xenses photo package, without a doubt, a wonderful souvenir to take home.

All Xenses photos on a great package

Your Xenses photos are available for a single price in a flexible package according to the number of people accompanying you, and the number of parks by Grupo Xcaret that you are going to visit during this vacation.

Take the best souvenir from Xenses

Xenses has dozens of attractions and Fantastic Scenarios, perfect for taking photos. With the Xenses Photo Pass you can take as many photos as you want, like in the Town where you don't know if you are going up or down, or in the different scenarios in the Pinwheel.

Add the Xenses photo package when purchasing your tickets

Are you ready for your visit to Xenses? Remember to add the Xenses photo package when purchasing your tickets, include all your companions and get a great deal on a package for everyone. Live an extraordinary day in a park in the Riviera Maya that will test your senses.

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Xenses Photo Pass online price

Does not include photos of activities with dolphins, drone photo or archaeological zones.

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Xenses Photo Package FAQs

  • You can get them at your Xcaret account or with your code at hand, enter our photo download site and after entering it, you will be able to obtain all the photographs of your visit to Xenses and in highdefinition. Images of your visit will be available to download starting 24 hours after your visit.
  • Don't worry, the photos of your day at Xenses will be on the download site for up to 30 calendar days, so you can do it when you return home if you don't bring a laptop with you. You can also share them on your social media profiles directly from the Xcaret App.
  • It's a great idea to include your Xenses photo package when purchasing your tickets, so you'll be all set for your vacation. In case you have forgotten it, you can call our Customer Service Center or purchase the package at the park ticket offices.
  • It is a great way to remember your visit to Xenses, as you can keep the photos forever. In addition, it will be more comfortable for you to leave your belongings in the locker and enjoy your visit to the fullest. With dozens of cameras throughout the park, you get the best angles and can take unlimited photos.