Where nothing is what it seems

Xenses is a half day park that takes you on an incredible journey through two paths of unique activities and fantastic scenarios.

Path of Doing

In an open white space, watch, listen and feel the beat of a big heart.

Walk the street of an authentic Mexican town, where your balance is tested. From the first step to the last, you won’t know if you are climbing down or descending up.

Take a break in the hammocks, gaze at the surrounding nature, and receive the sunlight to boost up your energy and continue having fun.

An exciting full speed descent into an unexpected and refreshing finale.

Open your arms and fly on a zip-line that lets you glide through the sky like a bird.

In a placid salt river where it’s impossible to sink, let go in the warm stream to free your body and mind.

Renew your skin with a secret recipe of mud completely organic and beneficial for your body with which you’ll be completely covered from head to toe. At the end you can rinse under powerful streams of water and feel the effects of your renovated skin.

Path of Feeling

Discover, in pitch black darkness, different ecosystems perfectly represented by the flora and the sound of fauna of each one.

Get to know the inside of the Earth through caves and caverns.

Gaze at an earthly paradise among a waterfall, a small lake, fish, macaws and flamingos.

Delight your sense of taste with a delicious lemonade poured directly from a tree.

A stone path with windows, doors and streetlights that will make you appreciate the perspective of being really small or really big.

Fantastic Scenarios

You are the main character of every fantastic scenario at Xenses. Capture unforgettable moments in a kaleidoscope, a tunnel of hearts, with your head floating in a vintage room, floating in mid air, between colorful lights at Turrell, in a labyrinth of mirrors, and in many others.

At Xenses you’ll be aware of everything your body can feel.

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