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Where nothing is what it seems!

Enter the fantastic world of Xenses!

Come and spend very special moments at Xenses, a half day park with activities and fantastic scenarios to arouse your senses to the fullest.

Path of Doing

Discover... a nonsensical Mexican Town that will test your balance, a fast descent on a Slip slide, a Bird Flight zip-line, and a Natural Xpa with activities like being covered in mud, floating in a salt river, and purifying your skin with potent streams of water in this path known before as Inconsensible Circuit.

Path of Feeling

Live... a tour through different ecosystems in pitch black darkness, a walkway to experience what it would be like to be a giant or a dwarf, a little piece of Eden to interact with nature, the inside of the Earth among caverns and caves, fun optical illusions, and a delicious lemonade tree at Xitric Garden in this magical place known before as Consensible Circuit.

Fantastic Scenarios

Capture extraordinary moments in more than 50 fantastic scenarios: pose in a tunnel of hearts, lift the weight of the world with your hands, float inside a pool without getting wet, kiss a giant stone face, be like Superman in the fortress of solitude, and visit the upside down house, among many others.

Xenses is a park where the sum of your emotions is greater than the totality of your senses!

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