Two paths and more than 50 fantastic scenarios

Rediscover your emotions at a park where wit, fun and amazement have no limits. Go through two paths, each one with incredible activities where mind and body will not be able to explain what is happening or how it’s happening.

The place that welcomes you to all the magic of Xenses. Here is the starting point to venture in two paths of activities, and where the fantastic scenarios of the park begin. Open your senses and tune them up in a mirror labyrinth, lights synchronized to the sound of music, kaleidoscopes, Superman’s fortress of solitude, colorful lights in Turrell, the bottom of a pool where you can’t get wet, a world to carry over your shoulders, a tunnel of hearts, and a vortex to mess with your stability. In every scenario you can take unique pictures.

Also, you’ll find the Giftery, a gift shop with unique souvenirs, and Xnack, to enjoy a delicious meal to please your sense of taste (with an additional cost).

The starting point into a fantastic journey!

Path of Feeling

Give your eyes a break and trust your other senses in this path known beforeas Consensible Circuit, so they can guide you through activities that will test your body and mind. You will find out that sometimes the sense of logic is more necessary than sight.

On this path you will doubt your own size. Going forward you will feel like a giant between houses, windows, doors, streetlights and other elements so small you’ll believe you are a giant. Going back you you won’t be able to reach the locks on the doors, nor the frames on the windows, and even getting on stone benches to sit will be a real challenge. A very odd but fun perspective!

Go deep into the total darkness of a cave where you will find different ecosystems perfectly set up for you to, without seeing anything, find out in which one you are. Jungle, meadow, desert, forest, mountain… let the cold, heat, water, flora, and the sound of fauna characteristic of each one guide you through this experience.

Coming out of Xensatorium you will cross caverns and caves with impressive rock formations, the roots of big trees, and small cenotes which are part of the underground river system of Riviera Maya, the longest in the world.

From the opening of a cave, glance at nature in its purest form. Among the waterfalls and the small lake, admire how fish, ducks, macaws and flamingos coexist in harmony.

The place that invites your sense of smell and taste to Xenses. An open space with flavor and scents of lemon surrounded by trees and endemic vegetation, where you’ll refresh with a delicious lemonade directly from a tree. Receive the sweet elixir nature is offering you.

Path of Doing

Lose your grip on reality, stability and balance with activities which seem like nonsense but they are all real in this path known before as Inconsensible Circuit.

Take the first step across a narrow tunnel that will guide you to a big red heart, which you can touch, hear and feel.

Walk under the waterfall that welcomes you to Town, a place where the laws of physics and logic don’t apply. Try not to fall down in a place where you don’t know if you are climbing down or descending up, if the stream of water defies the current, or if gravity forgot the waterfall that goes up the wall. While you try to figure out how, walk in this authentic Mexican town of red tiles, white walls, arches and columns where you will find houses, hotels, a church, shops, bars, bakeries, and fun messages from the residents that will cheer you up with their wit.

Lay down and let the stream of water take you slowly into the entrance, where you’ll be gaining speed before darkness appears, until sudden light brights up your fast descent into an unexpected and refreshing finale.

Soar like a bird in the sky, on a zip-line that fulfills your wish of flying. Open your arms as if they were wings, and calmly appreciate the landscapes from above.

Let go calmly floating on a salt river where you can’t drown, and where the current will take you to the end while you just relax and enjoy the warm water.

Be covered with a secret recipe of mud to cleanse body and mind in a very special activity that will make your skin feel renovated. From head to toe, the sense of touch will get all the attention during this muddy activity.

At the end of Riverlaxing and Sludgerie you can shower with potent streams of water to finish your treatment at the Natural Xpa of Xenses.

Fantastic Scenarios

Be the protagonist of the most crazy moments and capture incredible pictures in all of the optical illusions you’ll find at Xenses: Mirror Labyrinth, Turrell, Heartbeat, Kaleidoscopes, Tunnel of Hearts, The Pool, Besucona, Upside Down House, Superman, Vortex, Marblelous, And many more.

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