Want to discover a fantastic world?

Awake your imagination and challenge your perception at Xenses. Here you will enjoy different real and imaginary scenarios that will make you live a unique experience.

Xenses is a park with more than 15 activities that will take you on a fantastic journey through air, land and water to revive your senses and awaken those you didn't know you had.

Let yourself go on an experience full of challenges for your mind and body, explore what you feel and take consciousness of your capabilities; only by doing so will you become a Xensei, master of the senses.


Live the unimaginable, experience a world of sensations and harmonize your senses at an extraordinary Park. A place as fun as it is magical, as amazing as it is enigmatic, and as crazy as it is rational.

Throughout more than 15 activities you’ll discover visual puns and optical illusions, different ecosystems, the freedom of flying through the air, the adrenaline of slipping on refreshing water, and a place full of flavor and moments of relaxation and purification at a Natural Xpá.

Your senses will be the protagonists of a journey through caverns, gardens, a town, rivers, waterfalls and much more. Each one all your senses will be stimulated to awake your imagination and defy your perception.

A new clarity of what surrounds you and all that you can perceive is the result of entering this fantastic world. Once you control and rule each of your sensations, you will be ready to become a Xensei.

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